Other Engineering Disciplines

Some engineering occupations are not classified and therefore fall into the category of ‘other engineers.’ These can include, amongst others:

  • Agricultural and bio-resources engineers, who design and develop machinery, structures, equipment, and systems for agriculture and food processing.
  • Biomedical engineers, who design and develop medical diagnostic and clinical instrumentation, equipment, and procedures. They may also develop devices to assist persons with disabilities; advise hospital administrators on planning, acquisition and use of medical equipment; and modify, or supervise the installation of medical equipment.
  • Engineering physicists and engineering scientists, who conduct research, develop processes, programs, and equipment to expand knowledge in the applied sciences and engineering and to support advanced engineering and scientific applications.
  • Marine and naval engineers, who design and develop marine vessels and floating structures and associated marine power plants, systems, and equipment. They may also oversee the building, maintenance, and repair of vessels and marine systems.
  • Textile engineers, who design and develop processes, equipment, and procedures for the production of fibres, yarns, and textiles.
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