30 by 30 K-12 Outreach Guide

30 by 30 is the engineering profession’s goal to raise the percentage of newly licensed engineers to 30 per cent by 2030. Involving women in engineering starts at an early age, with programs and activities that demonstrate to young girls that engineering is a profession directly serving community needs. Numerous activities help young girls gain access to engineering concepts, as well as role models within the engineering profession. Engineering regulators, educators, community organizations, parents, and industry all have an important role to play in addressing and challenging existing attitudes associated with the engineering profession, that often hold women back from pursuing post-secondary engineering programs.  

Engineers Canada, in collaboration with engineering outreach experts within the 30 by 30 Champion’s network, developed a guide to assist engineering outreach programs address gender stereotypes, promote the engineering profession, and embed equity and inclusion throughout their work. The 30 by 30 K-12 Outreach Guide is intended for programs that offer engineering outreach activities to children and youth, of any gender, from kindergarten through high school. It provides a set of rubrics with which these engineering outreach programs can evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in promoting inclusive practices for everyone regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, class, or visible/invisible disability.

Download the 30 by 30 K-12 Outreach Guide here.