Engineering design challenges

Designed to spark an interest in STEM, and engineering in particular, these design challenges have been created with a "build it" theme running throughout. These challenges provide kids and youth an opportunity to create and innovate as they work on projects that often have real-world significance or context. All of the design challenges use simple materials that participants can find at home. 

Once participants have completed a design challenge, share some pictures of their creations online and tag @EngineersCanada!

Blooming flower


Make a flower that opens using a reel mechanism.

Build a hovercraft


Build and test a hovercraft.

Lip gloss


Combine ingredients to make lip gloss.


Simple machines


Learn about levers and how to lift heavy objects.

Space tool


Build a tool that could be used in space to pick up objects.

Strengthen a paper bridge


Build the strongest possible bridge from one index card.


Super power gloves


Create magic gloves that push and pull objects.