Let's Explore Engineering

Help students discover the exciting and diverse range of opportunities in engineering, what it means to be an engineer, and how engineering impacts society!

Engineers Canada has partnered with ChatterHigh to create a gamified engineering course that’s freely available for both students and teachers on the ChatterHigh platform.

In the course, students can:

  • Enjoy the gamification aspect of earning points, which can be donated to the charity Food Banks Canada or used to enter prize draws. There are also competitions, challenges, and leaderboards to keep things interesting.
  • Explore strategies to develop their education and career plan and discover how engineering can match their skills and interests.
  • Understand the process to become an engineer in Canada while learning about diverse engineering fields and the myriad of benefits engineering offers.

The engineering module includes the following topics to explore:  

What is an Engineer?
Engineering Disciplines Pt. 1
Engineering Disciplines Pt. 2
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering
Path to Becoming an Engineer
Other Steps and Benefits to Becoming an Engineer

Getting started is fast and easy! Visit the ChatterHigh website to learn how.