Engineering Crest

Girl Guides crestThe Engineering crest was created to be awarded to Girl Guides and Scouts who complete engineering- or geoscience-related activities while learning about the engineering and geoscience professions through direct interaction with a member of the engineering or geoscience communities. By participating in the program, your units will learn about engineering or geoscience, and will gain a better understanding of how the world around them works and the role engineers and geoscientists play in shaping our world. 

Crest Requirements 

To earn the Engineering crest, Girl Guide units and Scout groups must complete an activity that helps them understand how engineering or geoscience plays an integral role in their daily lives. The activity must involve a member of the engineering or geoscience communities. Qualifying members of the engineering community include professional engineers, professional geoscientists, engineers-in-training/members-in-training, and students registered in an accredited engineering program in Canada.  

Unit and group leaders are welcome to collaborate on leading the session with the volunteer members of the engineering and geoscience communities and use any relevant activities or participate in an engineering- or geoscience-related event, subject to the approval of Engineers Canada or one of the participating organizations or associations in Canada. Once the activity or event is complete, unit and group leaders can request the Engineering crest for their Girl Guides or Scouts. As part of your crest request, you will be asked to complete a program evaluation survey to help us continue to improve the crest program. The crests are available at no cost, and they are shipped within two weeks of receiving the request.  

Note: When filling out the form to request the crests, you must consent to Engineers Canada collecting and using your personal or other information in accordance with its Privacy Policy, which may include disclosing to engineering regulators and/or any other participating third parties and other volunteers.