Engineering activities

The activities below are designed to give children and youth from various age groups the opportunity to learn about the many disciplines of engineering and where their skills and interests can fit in.

Ages 5-11 (grades K-6)

Chart Your Course

Chart your course
Use the Chart Your Course tool to select what interests you and find out what engineering disciplines might interest you the most.


Ages 11-13 (grades 6-8)

Engineering Design Challenges

Engineering Design Challenges
Using simple materials you can find at home, get a taste for engineering by building projects that have real-world significance or context.

Future City

Future City
Design and build a model of a futuristic city…on the Moon! 


Ages 13+ (grades 9-12)

Discover the Engineer in You

Discover the Engineering in You – coming soon!
Select the engineering disciplines that interest you the most and make your way through a number trivia-based and problem-based engineering questions.