Mining Engineering

Mining engineers extract some of the world’s most valuable resources from the earth.

The work of mining engineers spans the process of mineral extraction, from the preliminary surveying of deposits and the assessment of their economic and environmental feasibility for mining; to the determination of the most safe and efficient means of mining; to the planning and design of the mine itself and of the mining equipment and machinery; to the supervision and management of the mine business operations and staff.

Mining engineering is tightly integrated with the fields of geology, with various environmental sciences, and with business management. Mining engineers will conduct preliminary surveys and studies of ore, mineral, or coal deposits and evaluate their feasibility for potential mining operations. They will then determine and advise on the appropriate drilling and blasting methods for mining, and will design the mine itself, including the shafts, ventilation systems, mine services, haulage systems, supporting structures, and mining equipment and machinery. Mining engineers will also plan, organize, and supervise the business operations of the mine, including the work of technicians, technologists, survey personnel, scientists, and other engineers. A chief priority of mining operations is the safety of the mine and its employees, and mining engineers will therefore implement and coordinate mine safety programs.  

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