Engineering design challenge: Super power gloves

Courtesy of: Engineers Nova Scotia 

In this activity the participants will learn about polarity of magnets and how magnets can be used to pull objects to them and push others away. They will also decorate their gloves with any remaining time.  


Create magic gloves that push and pull objects. 

Materials you will need: 

  • Gloves 
  • Magnets 
  • Magnetic items 
  • Handkerchief 
  • Decorating material (markers, stickers, etc.) 


  1. Provide a general introduction to the entire group on magnetism: 
    Levitate a handkerchief using your magic glove (place a magnet under a handkerchief and place your glove with magnet attached over it.)  

    Reveal the trick to the participants and explain how magnets have “poles.” You can use Santa’s North Pole as a reference if you want to. Show how one side of the magnet will push another magnet away and how the other will pull it to you. Show how you can make a magnet spin using another magnet or pull multiple metal objects up at once.  

  2. After introducing the activity:  
    1. Hand out a glove to each participant.  
    2. Demonstrate how to attach the quarter to the inside palm of the glove using double sided tape.  
    3. Hand out a piece of double sided tape and a quarter to each participant and assist with attaching them to the gloves. Then hand out the magnets.  
    4. Hand out a piece of paper to each participant. Have them draw or write things they don’t like and things they like. Cut these images out and, using tape, attach them to the appropriate side of the magnet.  
    5. Encourage the participants to try pulling and pushing the items away from their gloves with each side of the magnet. 
    6. Take out the box of markers, stickers, jewels, etc. and allow each participant to decorate their glove.