NEM is Canada’s largest celebration of engineering.  This year’s theme is “There’s a place for you” celebrating the diversity of thought, opportunities, and people that make up the profession. Here are ways in which you can participate and join the celebration!

Get social

Start by following @EngineersCanada on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and follow along with the campaign under the hashtags #NEM2021 or #NEGM2021. While Engineers Canada is active on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, we encourage you to use any social media platforms on which you are active or which you feel allows you to best reach your intended audience and goals.

A different focus each week

March 1 to March 7: Interdisciplinary professions

In the first week of March, we encourage members of the engineering and geoscience community to share how you are working with interdisciplinary teams to design, build, and address society’s needs and problems. Here are some ideas for how you could participate:

  • Share pictures or short videos about your research or projects highlighting how engineers are working with other professionals to move your work forward.
  • Use this week as an opportunity to talk about how engineers and geoscientists work together to leverage your unique skills.

March 8 to March 14: Equity, diversity, and inclusion

The second week kicks off on March 8, International Women’s Day. The week is dedicated to celebrating the diversity of the engineering and geoscience professions, particularly women and other under-represented groups. It is an opportunity to share the programs that are helping to ensure that the engineering profession reflects the community it serves. This may include:

  • Spotlighting people, programs, scholarships and mentorship opportunities that support diversity and inclusion.
  • Using the week as an opportunity for women, immigrants and people of colour to share their engineering journey.

March 15 to 21: The next generation of engineers

Our youth are our future. Throughout the week we want to give engineering students from across Canada center stage. We want to hear their stories and visions for the future. It is also an opportunity for NGOs to spotlight how they are helping to inspire the next generation of professional problem solvers. This may include:

  • Students: take to social media! Share via vlogging, TikTok, or Instagram posts about what life is like as an engineering student or what you are planning to do as an engineer.
  • Engineering companies and higher education institutions: spotlight how you are supporting the next generation, providing them with the skills to tackle our present and future challenges. It’s also an opportunity to spotlight your junior staff and students and their contributions.

March 22 to 28: Engineer the future

The last week of the campaign is all about the impact of the profession on society. It launches on March 22, World Water Day, and is an opportunity for the engineering community to share how they are shaping our future. This may include:

  • Spotlighting different engineering disciplines and their impact on society. Specifically, through their work and volunteerism, showcase how engineers are designing, building, and changing how they tackle society’s biggest challenges (food insecurity, COVID, climate, transportation, etc.).

In addition to our user-generated social media campaign, every day throughout the month we will be promoting digital events to help you learn and connect with the engineering community. Learn more about these events and activities.  



Selfie cards

Are you an engineer and want to join the National Engineering Month celebrations online? Take a selfie with these National Engineering Month selfie cards and share on social media.

Did your students or kids complete a National Engineering Month activity? Show off their creations on social media with these selfie cards.