National Engineering Month

Engineers Canada is proud to present National Engineering Month, an annual campaign that takes place during the month of March that is designed to spark an interest in the next generation of engineering professionals and to celebrate the role that engineers play in society. Depending on the province, you may find Geoscientists joining in on the celebration as National Engineering and Geoscience Month.

National Engineering Month is Canada’s largest celebration of engineering excellence. During the month, thousands of parents, teachers, students, and aspiring engineers interact with engineers and others who volunteer their time to host events and participate in our social media campaign to share their stories about how rewarding a career in engineering can truly be.

National Engineering Month revolves around the theme, “There’s a place for you in engineering.” This theme celebrates the diversity of thought, opportunities, and people that make up the engineering profession, and demonstrates that there’s a place for everyone in engineering. During the month of March, the engineering profession strives to reach out to youth, to give them the opportunity to learn about the many disciplines of engineering, and allow them to see where their skills and interests can fit in. With so many different types of engineering, it’s important for youth to understand the various things they can do as an engineer so that they can pick the discipline that truly motivates and excites them the most. 

Thank you to all who participated in National Engineering Month 2021 events and activities. Contest winners have been selected and contacted. Join us again next year for National Engineering Month 2022! 

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