National Engineering Month

Engineers Canada is proud to present National Engineering Month—Canada’s largest celebration of engineering excellence, where volunteers from the provincial and territorial regulators host over 500 events that show you how rewarding an engineering career can truly be.

During the month of March, the engineering profession strives to reach out to let you know what an exciting and fun career choice engineering really is. It’s an opportunity for you to learn about the many disciplines of engineering, and allow you to see where your skill set and interests can fit in. Since there are so many different types of engineering, it’s important to understand the various things you can do as an engineer so that you can pick the discipline that truly motivates and excites you the most. Additionally, the month can teach you what exactly you need to excel in the profession. And depending on where you live, you may find Geoscientists joining in on the celebration as National Engineering and Geoscience Month.

Parents, teachers, students, aspiring engineers, and engineers themselves can get involved in exciting National Engineering Month volunteer opportunities. Learn more through the Volunteers section. Engineers who get involved can showcase the amazing work they do and demonstrate that anything’s possible when it comes to engineering. There is certainly no other profession like it!

For more information contact Renee Taylor, Program Lead, Diversity and Outreach at